Landscape Materials

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Peach Pips
Peach Pip makes for a highly textured deep red groundcover. We also utilise Peach Pip in pot planters and flower beds as the indented pattern of the pip creates optimal soil filtration (where needed)
30kg volume bag
Compost Bags
We supply lawn dressing, compost and even kraal manure if required. We ensure that our compost is weed free for our peace of mind..
50kg volume bags
Grass Installation (per square meter)
Capelands Landscape provides Roll-On Buffalo & Kukuyu Grass for small to large scale sites. We offer a comprehensive Lawn Installation Service. Soil Preparation: We assess the current requirements of your soil and are able to provide loads of compost to enrich the soil before the bedding of the lawn All grass sourced from within the farmlands & wetlands of Cape Town. Irrigation: Capelands Landscape provides all irrigation work which includes planning and hardware provision. Soak- Aways: We are able to provide a Soak-Away solution for areas which are waterlogged.
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