Freshly Cut Christmas Pine Trees


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You’re welcome to pickup at our Capelands Landscape Christmas Tree Site – Grassy Park Cape Town

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  1. Freshly cut Christmas Pine Trees (rootless) arr esqive on a weekly basis


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At capelands landscape, we take pride in offering you Christmas pine trees that are responsibly sourced from alien vegetation. Our commitment to sustainability ensures that you can enjoy the holiday season while being eco-conscious. Here are some care instructions to keep your tree looking its best:

  1. Treat it like Freshly Cut Flowers: Christmas Pine Trees are like Big Flowers. Just like a fresh bouquet, your Christmas tree will last longer when you give it a little extra care. See capelands landscape NutriBoost.
  2. Cool Down Before Decorating: Before adorning your tree, give it a refreshing hose down. This not only adds moisture but also cools it down, helping the tree retain its needles longer.
  3. Choose a Cool, Shady Spot: Place your tree in a cool, shady area in your home. Avoid direct sunlight and humid environments, as they can cause the tree to dry out more quickly.
  4. Opt for a Water Holding Stand/Bucket: Our water holding stand/bucket is the best option to keep your tree fresh. Just like any living plant, your Christmas tree needs to drink. Make sure to keep topping up the water level to keep it hydrated.
  5. Use capelands’ NutriBoost Solution: To ensure your tree’s water stays clean and your tree stays hydrated, add capelands’ NutriBoost to the water in the stand/bucket.

This holiday season, make a sustainable choice with our responsibly sourced Christmas Pine Trees. Enjoy the beauty of nature in your home with a tree that’s been treated with care and respect.

Order your Christmas tree now and bring the joy of the season to your home!


Christmas Tree Size

1.5m range, 2.0m range, 2.5m range

Stand Options

No Stand Needed, X-Base Wooden Bolt Stand (No water holding capacity), Stainless Steel Bucket (water holding), Metal Stand (water holding)


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