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hardwood best suited to close combustion ovens

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Premium Hardwood: is an all round preferred firewood due to the density of the wood. It has the excellent fire-properties of long burn, (often) robust coals and enhanced heat radiation. It is rare to find Hardwood cut and split into robust portions (more than 10cm – 15cm wide) as this protracts the curing period substantially.

Capelands Firewood is cut into very robust sizes as we season our firewood for very long periods outdoors (through the four seasons) to ensure a dry, well-seasoned firewood supply.

Please ensure to let us know if your fireplace has any log size restrictions.

Delivery timeframe typically 2 – 3 days. We deliver to suburbs from False Bay Seaboard to Atlantic Seaboard including Deep South, Southern, Northern and Central Cape Town. We also deliver to select areas along the West Coast

Stacking strictly in driveway/garage. Additional stacking labour cost applies for the alternative.

Know that all our firewood is Responsibly Sourced and 100% alien / invasive.
Happy Fires.


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