The Budget Garden


Installation of Indigenous Plants, Trees, Succulents and Groundcover


A mix of Indigenous, Waterwise, Plants, Shrubs, Trees, Groundcover & Succulents to enhance & compliment an existing Garden or to fill a bare patch within your home, play or work landscape. Here we prepare the soil, plant in compliment with the height, contour, density, light, shade, colour, texture, water, wind & other requirements of your existing garden which includes your personal garden layout tastes. This onsite layout is backed by years of creative garden installations and includes:

  • Indigenous plants
  • Baby Tree
  • Succulents/Groundcover
  • Topsoil/Compost

Site Preparation: this budget garden installation package does not include Site Preparation (brush/weed clearing, stone & rubble removal from soil etc). Here we require a prepared site to optimally install a quality budget garden. Need your Site Prepared: Give us a call to clean your chosen Instant Garden Site if required


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