our services

  • Instant Gardens: budget gardens and food gardens installations
  • Site Clearing & Firebreaks: large site clearing TMNP, Sanparks Firebreaks
  • Building Construction: Maintenance and/or all Home Renovations
  • Lawn & Garden Maintenance: Grass Cutting: large lawns & brush clearing including Lawn Installation (full equipment component plus tractors & ride-ons)
  • Irrigation: Installation & Maintenance of Industrial & Residential irrigation solutions
  • Landscaping: primarily Indigenous / Waterwise gardens – design & install (also The Instant Garden – just add water.. under development)
  • Indoor Gardens: comprehensive Indoor Plant & Indoor Garden offering
  • Garden Décor: Natural Rock, pebbles, gemstone, driftwood, logs..more
  • Fencing: Reclaimed and Alien Invasive hardwood
  • Lifestyle Structures: Decking, Pergolas, Treehouses – Reclaimed & Alien Invasive hardwoods
  • Water Features: Rockery, cascades, fountains, rivulets, rills, waterfalls – Solar Pumps (where possible)
  • Stone Cladding: natural slate, sandstone, rock face
  • Synthetic Grass: Official Belgotex Installer / Agent – Sports Field Artificial Grass/ Lifestyle
  • Food Gardens: Superfood Veg Gardens – raised, boxed, hanging
  • Greenhouses: Plastic tunnel design, full irrigation & hanging gardens
  • Groundcover: all varieties crushed stone, bark, shavings, wood chip
  • Treework: Treecare, Treefelling & Tree Planting (full equipment component)
  • Firewood: robust alien invasive hardwood


We at Capelands Landscape are a family concern operating from within the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town. We – as a concerned family – offer Nature Services and Natural Materials which enhance the living, playing & work environment of our clients. Natural Living – We are drawn toward the natural environment; creating Ease of Place. The natural elements of light, texture, sound, density, smell, colour, contrast and other stimulates a sense of dimension and subsequent ease within a living space. Nature Service – Natural Materials – We align ourselves with people & organisations projecting the requirements of the broader environment into the immediate living spaces of the family Observe Deeply

– Tread Lightly In service

Capelands Landscape


If you have any queries please contact us via email at info@capelandslandscape.co.za or call us on (021) 705 5705